Tips to Help You Maximize Your Benefits with Medicare

Medicare offers major health benefits for seniors as well as disabled. Whilst every Medicare beneficiary is eligible for the same health-benefits, not every plan is created equal. A few plans provide additional benefits whereas others come with certain restrictions which might affect the health and well-being of the senior.

  1. Timely Enrollment:

Each person received a seven-month window for enrolment once he/she becomes eligible for Medicare. The period starts 3 months the person celebrates their 65th Birthday, including their birth month, & 3 months after the 65th Birthday. An individual who fails to register for Medicare within this period needs to pay 10-percent extra charges in their Medicare Part B premium for every twelve month period in which the person was eligible for the policy but didn’t enroll.

Additionally, if you get too late in enrolling for the prescription drug plan under Part D, you might face another penalty there.\


  1. Selecting a suitable Medicare Plan:

This is one more way by which you can maximize your benefits with Medicare. Here, you must do a proper research when deciding on whether to stay with Basic Medicare or pick a Medicare Advantage or the Best Medicare Supplement Plan.

Supplemental plans can offer additional benefits not listed under Basic Medicare whereas Medicare Advantage plans feature everything that’s covered under Basic Medicare plus other benefits including vision, prescription, or dental coverage. Thus, you need to consider various elements prior to making your final decision.

  1. Don’t Forget Free Health Check-ups

Through Medicare, you are offered a free health screening. In addition to the initial wellness check-up, you might also want to consider other free health-care services. Participants are eligible for an annual wellness screening along with other free of cost services for example glaucoma tests, pneumococcal and flu shots, depression check-ups, etc.

  1. Review your requirement for prescription drugs:

In order to take maximum benefit of your coverage, you must make sure your medications are actually being covered by your Medicare. Certain Medicare Advantage policies offer coverage for prescription drugs. However, Basic Medicare doesn’t include this coverage, thus you’ll have to buy a separate Medicare Part D policy. Even in case you don’t intake any prescription medicines at the moment, going without this coverage might increase your costs substantially in the future.