How Medicare Advantage Insurance Responds to Medicare Cost Reduction?

If you think there is no hope to cut down on healthcare costs, think again. Reducing waste in Medicare and maintaining it to help seniors for many years has been tackled with a new bidding system.

This change will bring the cost of common medical devices and consumables to levels that will help older people get the care they need to stay home, such as diabetic supplies, oxygen equipment and wheelchairs. According to several government reports, a paid system, as used by Medicare, is often exposed to fraud.

Can Medicare reduce costs nationwide by one third?

A new national bidding system is expected to cut Medicare costs by an average of 32 percent. It is also expected that the average savings in states like Florida will be even greater. These savings can benefit not only the elderly, but also the taxpayers.

Here is an example of this cost reduction: In Central Florida, the cost of an oxygen concentrator averages $ 173.17 per month. That could drop to just $ 115 a month. Nine recreational areas in Florida are expected to participate in the new system early next year. As this bidding system spreads across the country, it is estimated that it will save an estimated $ 17 billion in a single decade, according to Medicare Deputy Administrator Jonathan Blum.

Will Medicare Advantage Plans Change?

These and similar savings took off in 2011, unless efforts to torpedo the new bidding system counteract it. The then US Rep. Kendrick Meek tried to stop the new system but did not have much success.

With such drastic cuts in medical equipment and consumables costs, the Medicare advantage industry could feel the pressure of the government and the public to either cut premiums or extend the benefits of the plan. If Humana 2019 Medicare Advantage plan Insurance spends less, why not return at least a portion of the savings to seniors?

And the winner is…

Several medical devices and utilities already bided for it, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services applied for contracts. Their final decision came up in September, so it took a while to see if the new system will lower the premiums or increase the benefits of the Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan.

There is also the possibility that companies that do not receive contracts can successfully lobby the Congress to thwart the system. With Medicare already running empty, this seems like a long story. This new bidding system, the upcoming health care reform and the aging US population will affect Medicare Advantage Insurance in the coming years. One way to stay that way and be sure to get the benefit of lower premiums and / or extended coverage is to require an annual review of these plans.

In the long run it is worth looking around while your health makes it easier to change plans. It is almost impossible to switch to different plans if your health deteriorates. Compare new plans when they hit the market on a regular basis, and you’ll be more likely to find better values ​​and save more on your hard earned retirement savings.


Tips to Help You Maximize Your Benefits with Medicare

Medicare offers major health benefits for seniors as well as disabled. Whilst every Medicare beneficiary is eligible for the same health-benefits, not every plan is created equal. A few plans provide additional benefits whereas others come with certain restrictions which might affect the health and well-being of the senior.

  1. Timely Enrollment:

Each person received a seven-month window for enrolment once he/she becomes eligible for Medicare. The period starts 3 months the person celebrates their 65th Birthday, including their birth month, & 3 months after the 65th Birthday. An individual who fails to register for Medicare within this period needs to pay 10-percent extra charges in their Medicare Part B premium for every twelve month period in which the person was eligible for the policy but didn’t enroll.

Additionally, if you get too late in enrolling for the prescription drug plan under Part D, you might face another penalty there.\


  1. Selecting a suitable Medicare Plan:

This is one more way by which you can maximize your benefits with Medicare. Here, you must do a proper research when deciding on whether to stay with Basic Medicare or pick a Medicare Advantage or the Best Medicare Supplement Plan.

Supplemental plans can offer additional benefits not listed under Basic Medicare whereas Medicare Advantage plans feature everything that’s covered under Basic Medicare plus other benefits including vision, prescription, or dental coverage. Thus, you need to consider various elements prior to making your final decision.

  1. Don’t Forget Free Health Check-ups

Through Medicare, you are offered a free health screening. In addition to the initial wellness check-up, you might also want to consider other free health-care services. Participants are eligible for an annual wellness screening along with other free of cost services for example glaucoma tests, pneumococcal and flu shots, depression check-ups, etc.

  1. Review your requirement for prescription drugs:

In order to take maximum benefit of your coverage, you must make sure your medications are actually being covered by your Medicare. Certain Medicare Advantage policies offer coverage for prescription drugs. However, Basic Medicare doesn’t include this coverage, thus you’ll have to buy a separate Medicare Part D policy. Even in case you don’t intake any prescription medicines at the moment, going without this coverage might increase your costs substantially in the future.

Medigap Plan D

If you are going to turn 65, you, probably, have already signed up for Medicare or if nothing else you’ve read the info about signing up. So the main question to determine is would it be a good idea for you to get a Medigap plan and prescription coverage from Part D or would it be advisable for you to go into a Medicare Advantage plan?


For this article, how about we assume you already have your Medicare set up. So the following question turns out to be, what? Medicare was simple, generally in light of the fact that there’s just a single place you can get it, which is, the central government. After you have your Medicare set up, nonetheless, you’re just 33% of the way done. Medicare covers 80% of your hospital and doctor charges, however there are as yet two other health protection plans you require.


Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans


The first is called Medicare supplement protection, and it does precisely what its name suggests. It supplements your Medicare design. What that implies in plain English is that your Medicare supplement protection pays the difference between what Medicare pays, which as a rule is 80%, and the total sum of your hospital and doctor bills.


So far it’s all quite clear, correct? Medicare pays 80% and your supplement protection design pays the staying 20%, if you pick the correct arrangement. Yet, this is the place the real private insurance agencies come into the photo and make it as difficult as possible for the normal individual to get it.


Medicare Part D Drug Plans


The private insurance agencies offer a few section D plans to look over. The difference here from plan to design is in the measure of your deductible, which can go from no deductible at all to a $310. Your deductible, obviously, is simply the aggregate sum you should spend on prescription medications previously your coverage kicks in. The lower your deductible, the higher the month to month premium you pay. So with zero deductible, you’ll pay the most elevated month to month premium. There’s additionally something many refer to as gap coverage that you’ll have to comprehend, on the grounds that after your coverage kicks in, either at zero or $310, when your aggregate prescription medication cost comes to $2700 per logbook year, the real insurance agencies really quit paying until the point that your aggregate medication cost comes to $4350. Once more, these figures depend on 2010 plans at the season of this writing, as, are liable to change. My protection operator exhorted that this will turn out to be splendidly certain if you think about the coverage gap as a donut gap, as it’s occasionally called.


What The Major Private Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know


The big private insurance agencies are not liable to reveal to you that the administration requires every insurance agency to offer the very same Medicare supplement and Part D sedate plans inside every specific state.


Fortunately, if you discover supplement plans A through N somewhat difficult to comprehend, in any event you’ll just need to comprehend them once on the grounds that each letter design must be precisely the same starting with one insurance agency then onto the next.


Concerning Part D Drug plans, similar remains constant. Every provider offers three Part D medicate plans to browse, now and again alluded to as great, better, and best, yet the central government likewise requires each of those plans to be precisely the same starting with one provider then onto the next.

Know the truth behind the creation of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare is said to have been enacted around five decades ago. Insurance carriers had come up with Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plans. This is to assist people to insure against different cost sharing in which they take responsibility under federal health insurance program exclusively for seniors. Such plans were said to have helped consumers to cover co-insurance and deductibles of Medicare Part A and B and were only the supplemental plans made available. For more information on best Medicare Advantage plans of 2019 click here.

Medicare Advantage Plans

It was in 1997 that Medicare Advantage Plans was created which operate differently and hence is not supplemental plan. Therefore, it will be essential to do some research to know the difference, so as to get hold of the most appropriate plans.

Why Medicare Advantage Plans were created by the Congress?

Such plans came into existence due to various reasons, some of which are given below:

  • Firstly, Medigap and Medicare plans were increasing in costs. With time, there was noticed increase in co-insurance and deductibles of Medicare. As these costs are covered by most of the Medigap plans, the monthly premiums also increased.
  • Secondly, majority of the Americans were found to rely entirely upon their social security program for retirement income. At times, they realized quite late that only this income will not suffice to meet their living expenses. It was noticed that people of 65+ age years were not able to meet premium of Medigap Plan and Part B. Moreover, with Medicare not covering retain prescription drugs, the seniors had to pay from their own pockets. This meant they had to make tough choices between rent, groceries and healthcare costs. With majority of the seniors not able to get proper health insurance and growing health conditions made the Congress to take some decisions.
  • Finally, with Medicare, there always have been some inherent budgeting problems, since an estimation of the amount that will be spent by a beneficiary on annual healthcare cost was not present. Those healthy cost less, while others suffering from serious conditions cost thousands of dollars.

It is then that Medicare+Choice plans were created that later evolved into Medicare Part C and known today commonly as Medicare Advantage Plans. Such plans were found to provide potential solutions to problems that were noted before.

Discussing with the leading healthcare agent can help the person to understand how the right type of plan when selected can do them a lot of good.

Is there a need to avail supplement plan F?

Among the different Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 made available to the public, it is Plan F that is regarded to be the most popularly purchased. Most insurance companies as well as their agents are known to lay emphasis on this particular plan. But the question that is asked by many is, whether the plan is the best option to be availed or not.

Some guidelines to determine if plan F is right or not

When checking out Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, it is quite essential to know more about plan F and get the details.

  • How its premium fares with low tier plans like G and D: Generally, Plan F is found to be high priced one among all Medicare Supplement Plans 2018, except Plan J. With low tier plans, it is possible to save around $20 to $30 every month. But this might not appear much on monthly basis, however, could add up to a good amount of savings annually.
  • Enjoying low premiums by shelving out small expenses like Part B Medicare deductible: The low tier plans such as G and D are not known to cover Part B Medicare deductible annual amount. This effectively means that the initial amount which is charged on the person annually for Part B Medicare charges (which includes physician services and fees) is likely to be his responsibility. Doing some simple math calculation can help the person to determine if the low plan based premium savings will offset the annual charge or not. If even a small amount is saved on the premium on a monthly basis, in course of the year, the person stands to better financially by availing any of the low tier plans.
  • Is Medicare assignment accepted by hospitals and physicians in the area: Among the three standard Medigap plans providing full coverage on Part B additional charges, Plan F is regarded to be one. Excess Part B charges tends to occur as Medicare assignment (or Medicare amount paid for specific procedures and services) is not accepted by the physician or doctor. But in many areas, physicians and doctors are found to accept assignment. Payment is made to them strictly based on the Medicare prescribed fees or schedule for the offered services or procedures. In case, the physicians in the region that is generally to be used are found to accept assignment, then much weight in benefits will not be found in the decision.

Therefore by going through the above guidelines, it becomes possible to determine the right type of plan to be purchased from the different Medicare Supplement Plans 2018. Check out Medigap Plan guide today.